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Thursday, October 06, 2005

First-hand marketing research focus group

We will host a focus group podcast to identify the types of marketing resources used by marketers and the types of tactics they will test within the next 6-12 months. We are looking for marketers who would like to participate as a focus group subject member.

Here's the methodology:

The focus group will be conducted by researcher Ken Colen, who has extensive experience in conducting focus groups for major ad agencies and media companies. It will consist of 6-8 marketing consultants or corporate marketers who will participate in a conference call that will be recorded and posted on the Marketing Edge podcast. The individuals need not share their identities - just a first name, title and type of company they work for (e.g. consumer products, business consulting firm, etc.).

Ken will take about 20-30 minutes of discussion from prepared questions that aim to uncover how marketers make decisions, and what resources they value and trust. The participants will gain first-hand experience in conducting a focus group, insights into new marketing trends, and a chance to win an Apple iPod nano.

We will select participants from those who complete this candidate form, and we’ll contact you to coordinate a time for the focus group.

Then the Marketing Edge will interview Ken again to discuss his focus group tactics and to analyze the findings of the research. Any questions, e-mail amaruggi@providentpartners.net or call 866-771-2251.


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At Mon Jan 30, 08:15:00 PM CST, Anonymous Jean said...

Any news about when our focus group session will go into the podcast? :)

At Fri Feb 03, 11:09:00 PM CST, Blogger Provident Partners said...

Jean I cut the first edit and discussing it with Ken over the weekend. Provident Partners has been so busy we have really had a difficult time keepin gour own marketing going. We have hired more subs, outsourced more of our pre-sales, and have taken on more podcasting clients.

I'll keep you posted. send me an email amaruggi@providentpartners.net and we'll communicate that way. How about all these rocket scientists spamming blog sites?


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