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Thursday, September 28, 2006

How podcast? Using IRSS to deliver valued content

Part two of a two-part series with guests Paul Dunay, director of global field marketing for BearingPoint, and Mike Gauthier, CEO of e-tractions. They are pushing the envelope on new ways of reaching out to new media and Web site users to identify the type of content the users value. Their methods involve a combination of using RSS and IRSS tactics along with podcasting, vidcasting, e-mail and Web microsites. The Marketing Edge podcast is produced by Provident Partners.

This podcast focused on how an IRSS feed is put together, the advantages of using IRSS, and the ways marketers can use it to further customize content and offer new content relevant to the user.

Dunay is also a speaker at the Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit in October 24 and November 14. His blog about technology marketing is a leader in the field: Buzz Marketing for Technology.

You can learn more about IRSS tactics and receive a sample IRSS feed tracking report by calling Albert Maruggi at 651-695-0174 or e-mailing him at amaruggi@providentpartners.net.


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