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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why podcast? A look at successful podcast tactics

Among marketers who are early adopters, podcasting has become an almost regular thing. It is, however, still very much in its infancy. We are still in the market with machetes, clearing a path to reveal either the promised land or a swamp of quicksand.

In some cases, as we hear in this podcast, there is a garden of new prospects, media coverage and significant benefits that result from podcasting. Today Albert Maruggi, host of the Marketing Edge and president of Provident Partners has an engaging conversation with Paul Dunay, director of field marketing for BearingPoint and author of the Buzz Marketing for Technology blog, and Mike Gauthier, CEO of e-tractions, a conversion and tracking company. Paul uses Mike's services in BearingPoint's podcasting tactics.

Paul is also a speaker at this year's Marketing Sherpa B2B Demand Generation Summit in Boston, October 23 and 24, and in San Francisco on November 12 and 14.

In this podcast, we’ll highlight:

1) What B2B marketers can get out of podcasting in either the prospecting function or with the sales team internally.
2) We talk about the types of podcasts for different audiences -- content, length and how podcasts are used to further qualify a prospect
3) How podcasting is positively affecting conversion rates on unique landing pages and where to place that crucial registration page -- before the podcast or after?

Provident Partners is an offering a “Podcasting Recommendation Review” for Marketing Edge listeners. The review answers the question, Should my company use podcasting? Call 651-695-0174 or visit www.providentpartners.net/podcasting for more information.


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