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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Direct Mail Makes Come Back - It's About the Big Picture

Albert Maruggi, president of Provident Partners, interviews Joy Gendusa, founder of PostcardMania. Many marketers are confronted with the dilemma of using effective, measurable tactics, and while digital tactics like email are full of wonderful statistics and inexpensive, there seems to be trouble in email paradise. The overuse of email marketing, advances in technology to prevent unrequested email, and other types of obstacles, have tainted the original appeal of email marketing, especially for finding new prospects.

This podcast highlights how direct mail is being used in a integrated, multiple media approach for marketing campaigns. β€œIt never ceases to amaze me how every mailing we implement gets some response. I believe the postcard is a complementary tactic and when incorporated with other timely tactics such as calling, targeted Google Ad Words, or events, achieves marketing objectives like increasing brand ID, advancing he sales cycle or generating inquiries,” said Maruggi.

This podcast is a casual conversation about the types of direct mail and the timing of its use in a big picture marketing program. About.com also has a good overview of effective direct mail best practices as a resource for marketers.


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