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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

PodZinger president Alex Laats in a Marketing Edge Podcast interview

Today’s installment of the Marketing Edge podcast features Alex Laats, president of PodZinger, in a discussion with host Albert Maruggi on multimedia search technology for content creators.

As Web sites increasingly add audio and video formats to their information content, consumers and creators alike see the need for a new generation of search technology. PodZinger is a search engine that fulfills that need, giving Web searchers the ability to move beyond text and accurately search spoken words within audio and video content online.

PodZinger enables users to find content anywhere within audio and video podcasts and jump directly to the point where their keyword is spoken. Using speech-to-text technology, PodZinger makes audio and video content searchable, a powerful revolution for communicators who are playing in the Web’s new-media landscape.

“Communication to customers involves content that businesses want to make available to everybody, and it’s important that it be found via search,” Laats said in the podcast. “When you put an audio or video podcast on your site and no one can search on the content in that podcast, it’s like putting a black spot on your site. It’s like black space, and what’s the point of black space when you’re trying to enable discovery?”


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