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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Podcasting 102: Response to Marketing Sherpa's Podcasting 101 guide

Marketing Sherpa published a “Podcasting 101” primer yesterday (Aug. 22) that included some great, basic points about podcasting and how to get started down that exciting path. There are some holes in this Sherpa guide, though, and today’s Marketing Edge podcast will serve as “Podcasting 102 and beyond.”

Provident Partners, the group behind the Marketing Edge podcast, has been producing this podcast and clients’ podcasts for nearly two years, which Marketing Sherpa’s report will tell you is pretty much how long podcasting has existed!

Today’s podcast covers four main topics and their close connection to successful business-focused podcasting:

-“The medium is the message”: Keep this in mind as you plan and execute your podcasting strategy.

-Podcasting statistics: What do these numbers about podcast listeners, regular listeners, how many people have heard of RSS feeds, etc., mean for the business podcaster?

-Content: Don’t regurgitate content from another medium. Podcasts are unique in several critical ways (time shifted, designed for the listener to be in control, portable), all of which affect your content creation process.

-Marketing mix: How do podcasting and vidcasting (podcasting with video) fit into your overall marketing mix? Integration of messages and strategies is key. How do you make it work?

Give today’s “Podcasting 102” a listen, and if you have any questions, call me, Albert Maruggi, at 651-695-0174. Or e-mail me at amaruggi@providentpartners.net.


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